Dates: Thursday, April 25th (7:00 AM)-Monday April 29th (7:00 PM) 

Departure: Locations: Richmond, Sugar Land, Hobby Airport plus stops in New Orleans and Cincinnati

Destination: Maranatha Spring and Shrine, Elyria, Ohio

Costs: $450 per two pilgrims (2 per room) More options available on Registration Page 

Contact: Paul Cranley, (979-236-5906)

More Information: (see also website for Bus Announcements)


Dear Friends in Christ,

I invite you to come with us on a pilgrimage to Maranatha Spring and Shrine in April,  the home of Holy Love Ministries.

This shrine, located near Elyria, Ohio,  welcomes tens of thousands of pilgrims annually from around the world who are traveling on a spiritual journey toward personal holiness.  Since 1985, God the Father, Blessed Mother, Jesus, and many angels and saints have appeared to the visionary Maureen on an almost daily basis to prepare souls for Jesus’ return through the grace filled simple gospel message of loving God above all and neighbor as self.  Holy Love Ministries is a global ecumenical ministry promoting the truth in the tradition of the faith.   The water from the spring is a source of grace for physical and spiritual healing and for healing of the heart.  Many miracles have been witnessed and after returning home pilgrims say they have experienced changed lives and now walk on a spiritual path. Our Blessed Mother has called this Shrine the “Lourdes of this continent”.    Every pilgrim that visits with an open heart does not leave unaffected for Heaven knows and gives what each pilgrim needs.

God the Father has promised a special Patriarchal Blessing on all  who gather on this year’s Divine Mercy Sunday.

 “My daughter, I come to you today, My faithful instrument, to inform you that on the Feast of Divine Mercy, I will be there in the Field of the United Hearts. It is during Jesus’ Apparition I will impart My Patriarchal Blessing. My Son will tell you when this happens. Many will feel the effects. I look forward to sharing My Most Powerful Blessing with all present.” (December 30, 2018)

In addition Our Blessed Mother has just added a Special Blessing on the same day.

“I am about to add to that bounty of graces. When souls come onto this prayer site, they will not only receive an illumination of conscience, but My Special Blessing, as well. This Blessing, in the past, has been given in rare occasions here and at other apparition sites. What makes it special is a special bond between the heart that receives it and My Own Immaculate Heart. For the soul to receive it, his heart must be open and receptive to the Messages and graces offered here. I do not offer this Blessing to those who come seeking proof of the reality of My presence here in the name of discernment. This is a new favor My Son permits due to the urgency of these times. Make it known.” (February 11, 2019)

Our bus will leave from Richmond, TX the morning of Thursday, April 25th and arrive at the Best Western in Elyria, Ohio by the afternoon of the 26th.  We will travel by way of Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Cincinnati to pick up additional pilgrims. We will visit the Shrine on Friday afternoon(time permitting), Saturday and Divine Mercy Sunday, leaving about 5 PM and arriving home the evening of Monday, April, 29th.  We will prepare our hearts for the graces abounding at this shrine with prayer, praise and worship, testimonies and teaching as we travel before and after our visit.

Some of you know of my 14 years of devotion to this mission and the messages. Never have I experienced the personal love of the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts in such a concerted and synergistic way!  I wish to share this grace with each of you, but even if you cannot come with us this year, subscribe on my website for my 52 weekly tips on how to enter deeply into the Hearts of Jesus and Mary through the Chambers of the United Hearts.

To register and learn more details, click here (REGISTER).  Please consider this e-mail as your personal invitation to learn exactly what Heaven requires from us to enter into the intimacy of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

Thank you and may God bless you with the Complete Blessing of the United Hearts and the Holy Trinity.

Yours in Jesus and Mary,


About Pilgrimages to the Maranatha Spring and Shrine

What is a pilgrimage and what do you do?
Pilgrimage – A journey to a sacred place undertaken as an act of religious devotion, either simply in order to venerate (honor) it, or to ask the fulfillment of some need or as an act of penance or thanksgiving, or a combination of these.
The Soul’s Journey into Holiness and the United Hearts

Our Lady Describes the Layout of Her 85-acre Shrine

Our Lady: “Please understand, My children, that the layout of this property represents the soul’s journey into holiness and our United Hearts.

1. The soul is first drawn into My Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart [represented at the Lake of Tears], where he is purged of many of his most flagrant faults.
2. Then he travels along guided by the angels – as is represented on the property by the Lake of Angels. He receives many graces to move deeper into My Heart and into Divine Love, the Heart of My Son. This is represented by Maranatha Spring on the property.
3. Finally, in conformity to the Divine Will of God, he arrives at the Field of Victory, Our United Hearts and the Triumph. Understand that every triumph and victory is surrounded by the Way of the Cross.
4. And thus you have at the back of the property � the Stations of the Cross.” December 12, 1999

Jesus: “The ministry is like a little flower just pushing through the earth and opening. The little flower is under the mantle of My Mother’s protection. Soon it will become a flowering hedge fencing in the remnant faithful.”

“Or it is like an upside down rainbow – the promise of good and a vessel ready to capture all the grace that falls from Heaven.” May 12, 2000

Your Pilgrimage to Maranatha Spring and Shrine

Holy Love Ministries
37137 Butternut Ridge Road
Elyria, OH 44039
Located 30 minutes west of downtown Cleveland, 1.4 miles west of the intersection of I-480 and Route 83, in Eaton Township.
Note: When locating Butternut Ridge Road on a map, make sure you find the one in Eaton Township,not Elyria — they are two different roads, even though the shrine has an Elyria address.
Please call the message line at 440.327.5822 to confirm future times.
NOTE: All pilgrims are responsible for three things: accommodations, transportation and food.


Fecha: jueves 25 de abril-lunes, 29 de abril de 2019.

Salida: Tres ubicaciones: Richmond, Sugar Land, Texarkana

Destino: Maranatha Spring and Shrine, Elyria, Ohio

Costos: TBA

Contacto: Paul Cranley, (979-236-5906)

Más información: (vea también el sitio web para anuncios de autobuses)

¿Qué es una peregrinación y qué haces?
Peregrinación – Un viaje a un lugar sagrado emprendido como un acto de devoción religiosa, ya sea simplemente para venerarlo (honrarlo), o para pedir el cumplimiento de alguna necesidad o como un acto de penitencia o acción de gracias, o una combinación de estos.
El viaje del alma hacia la santidad y los corazones unidos
Nuestra Señora describe el diseño de su Santuario de 85 acres

Nuestra Señora: “Comprendan, hijos Míos, que el diseño de esta propiedad representa el viaje del alma hacia la santidad y nuestros Corazones Unidos.

1. El alma es atraída primero hacia Mi Corazón Doloroso e Inmaculado [representado en el Lago de las Lágrimas], donde es depurado de muchas de sus faltas más flagrantes.
2. Luego viaja guiado por los ángeles, tal como está representado en la propiedad por el Lago de los Ángeles. Él recibe muchas gracias para profundizar en Mi Corazón y en el Amor Divino, el Corazón de Mi Hijo. Esto está representado por Maranatha Spring en la propiedad.
3. Finalmente, en conformidad con la Divina Voluntad de Dios, llega al Campo de la Victoria, Nuestros Corazones Unidos y el Triunfo. Entiende que todo triunfo y victoria está rodeado por el Camino de la Cruz.
4. Y así tienes en la parte trasera de la propiedad las Estaciones de la Cruz. ”12 de diciembre de 1999

Jesús: “El ministerio es como una pequeña flor que empuja a través de la tierra y se abre. La pequeña flor está bajo el manto de la protección de mi madre. Pronto se convertirá en un cercado con flores en el remanente de los fieles “.

“O es como un arco iris al revés: la promesa del bien y una vasija lista para capturar toda la gracia que cae del cielo”. 12 de mayo de 2000

Tu peregrinación a la primavera y al santuario de Maranatha
Ministerios de amor santo
37137 Butternut Ridge Road
Elyria, OH 44039
Ubicado a 30 minutos al oeste del centro de Cleveland, a 1.4 millas al oeste de la intersección de la I-480 y la Ruta 83, en el municipio de Eaton.
Nota: al ubicar Butternut Ridge Road en un mapa, asegúrese de encontrar el de Eaton Township, no Elyria; son dos caminos diferentes, a pesar de que el santuario tiene una dirección de Elyria.
Llame a la línea de mensajes al 440.327.5822 para confirmar los horarios futuros.
NOTA: Todos los peregrinos son responsables de tres cosas: alojamiento, transporte y comida.